Neem Cake


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Neem Cake

Neem cake is a Organic Fertilizer for Farms, Gardens and Lawns. Neem cake is a main product of neem seed kernel and contain natural nutrients.

Why use Neem Cake as a Fertilizer?
  1. 1. Very Cost Effective
  2. Better yield than conventional Urea and Fertilizers.
  3. Rich source of NPK and other Micro Nutrients.
  4. In comparison to urea which is a nutrients collector neem cake itself contains nutrients for the plants and maintain power of soil.
Other Benefits
  1. Control Nematodes and other soil pests.
  2. Improve soil organic content.
  3. Can be used with other fertilizers/Urea simultaneously.
  4. Safe for earthworms.
Uses of Neem Cake

Though neem cake is a fertilizer it also acts as pesticide

Neem Cake as fertilizer

Neem Cake have adequate quantity of NPK in organic form for plant growth. Being totally botanical product it contains 100% natural NPK content and other essential micro nutrients.

Better Yield

It gives 15-25% better yield than any other fertilizer. Conventional fertilizer lack the uniformity of nutrient release that inhibit the constant growth of fruit/crop. More over Neem Cake also control nematodes and other soil borne pest that help roots to absorb nutrients in regular and optimum manner. This is the reason why now more farmers are switching over to Neem Cake for their crops.
Neem Cake as Pesticide.

Insect pest control

This product also control Grain moth, lessor grain moth and red flour beetle.

Benefits as a Fertilizer

Improve Soil Organic Content

Neem seed cake also reduce alkalinity in soil, as it produces organic acids on decomposition. Being totally natural, it is compatible with soil microbes, improves and rhizosphere micro flora and hence ensures fertility of the soil. Neem Cake improves the organic matter content of the soil, helping improvement in soil texture, water holding capacity, soil aeration for better root development.

Can be used with other fertilizers

Farmers who want to switch over to Neem cake should use apply both simultaneously, decreasing the chemical or current fertilizers slowly. This compatibility give piece of mind without adding extra cost. When applied with nitrogenous fertilizers, gives a synergistic result by slow down the process of conversion of Nitrogenous compounds into Ammonia, Nitrites and Nitrates and improving Efficiency.

Induces nitrification

Induces the nitrification process and the chlorophyll contents gets increased. Neem Cake, provides more and more nitrates for the plants which in turn induces the nitrogen metabolism.

Releases Acid, aldehydes etc.

This also releases fatty acids, aldehydes, Ketones, Aminoacids, carbohydrates and free sulphur, which forms the precursor material for plant growth and metabolism.

Benefits as a Pesticide

Nematode control

Neem cake has broad spectrum activity against a wide category of Nematodes, Soil Pests, and Insects such as Haplolaimus indicus Helicotylenchus Sp, Pratylenchus Sp, Meloidogyne incognita, M. javanica (root knot nematode). Tylenchorhynchus Sp and Rodopholus similis. This broad spectrum defense helps roots to absorb adequate nutrient to and give better yield.